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Dr. David Bonanno

Emotions are a powerful force. They move us to do incredible things. We get them when we experience something outside ourselves. When we suffer a painful experience, a trauma, our bodies learn to respond to everything that reminds us of that experience in the same way, our emotions go back in time. We call that response dysregulation.


Dr. Bonanno, a person who struggled with out of control emotions, studied psychology to learn how to better cope with them. He found that traditional treatments for trauma do not really work.


Working to heal people from all walks of life, because not only veterans suffer from PTSD, he created a new way to deal with overrunning emotions and self-destructive behaviors.


Dr. Bonanno teaches people how to better cope with overwhelming feelings and reactions to everyday life, so we can function well in our jobs, have happier relationships, and be better parents.


His unique therapy is efficient, painless, and remarkably effective in the treatment of trauma.


On Nov 30th my small town of Oxford, MI was rocked to our core when a school shooting took 4 young lives and injured many others. I reached out to David to help my community to help them prevent PTSD, and David went above and beyond. Dr. Bonanno is genuine in his desire to help people heal from their trauma and he shows that in his actions every day. He is so caring and wise. The world needs more people like Dr. Bonanno and I am forever grateful for his support. #oxfordstrong

Krista Wilder

Nick Evangeliou MD.JPG

Nick Evageliou

MD, The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Bonanno is passionate advocate for his patients and he is dedicated to helping health care workers deal with the unique tramuas they face daily. He’s a uniquely energetic speaker and a pleasure to work with!​

Brandon Vance MD.JPG

Brandon Vance

MD. Psychiatrist, Therapist, Teacher.

Dr. Bonanno is an enthusiastic, engaging and heart-felt speaker and an expert in PTSD treatment. He inspires his audiences with clear, practical information delivered in a way that lets people understand themselves differently, and motivates them to put that understanding to use for beneficial change in their personal and professional lives.

I have witnessed firsthand the healing presence Dr. Bonanno provides for his patients. His depth of knowledge and passion for his work is a tremendous asset to his field. I would encourage anyone looking to find a solution that transcends the norms of traditional health and healing to give him a try!

Bobbie-Jo Murray


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